Terms of Service

Because some people are meanies, we have to have these terms here. By ordering from FenneéCrafts, you agree that you have read and understood these terms, and will not be what your peers would consider a "Meanie". You also agree that any ambiguity you may have found here, or throughout the site, was reported to us prior to ordering. Please remember that all orders are shipped in insured packages, due to their value.

1. Returns

Returns are not accepted, however, remember that damages incurred during shipping will be covered by insurance.

2. Shipping

Buyers are required to pay for shipping.
Items will not be shipped until full payment amount is received, for lay-away information, see the Payment section below.

3. Payment

Payment plans can be provided by FenneéCrafts, however payment in full is simpler and thus preferred.
Commissions will not begin development until 50% (half) of the total cost has been received by FenneéCrafts.
For information about refunds before or after an order has begun development, see the Refunds, Refusals, and Cancellations section below.

4. Refunds, Refusals, and Cancellations

Customers can request a cancellation before or after sending or beginning payment. An 80% refund will be given of the payment made to date, the remaining 20% will cover cancellation fees and restocking fees.
If FennéCrafts requires a cancellation, 100% refund of the current payment will be given.
FenneéCrafts reserves the right to cancel or refuse any order at any time for any reason.
FennéCrafts retains full rights to resell any suit parts or accessories on a refunded / canceled item.

5. Sales to Minors

Because these terms are legally binding, FennéCrafts requires that you be 18 years of age or older to make a purchase. If you are a minor, you must have a parent or legal guardian agree to these terms and complete the purchase.

6. Post-Reception

FennCrafts reserves the right to post product photos and videos in their photo and or video galleries, as well as in affiliate locations.
FenneéCrafts is not responsible for images and videos posted of the completed work once it is received by the Commissioner.

7. Deadlines

An estimated time of completion can be given during the order process, however, as each suit is custom-made, a deadline cannot ever be exactly set.
Progress reports and images will be made available to Commissioners as they become available.

Average completion period for partials: 3 months.
Average completion period for full suits: N/A

8. Concept Art

FennéCrafts will request a concept design of the commissioner's desired character to have made into a suit during the order process. This artwork must depict the desired character well enough to be made into a suit and will be determined by FennéCrafts as Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory. It is best to request clarification before commissioning to ensure your concept art is Satisfactory.

9. Copyrighted Characters

We will not create copyrighted characters unless the Commissioner is the copyright holder of that character! This includes fan-characters of copyrighted material.

10. Health Risks

FennéCrafts is not responsible for injuries or deaths involving our suits. Purchasers and Commissioners agree they are well aware of the risks of both heat stroke and accidents resulting from loss of vision quality, and are aware of the responsibilities of obtaining a Spotter (a non-meanie to help guide the Commissioner through crowds, traffic, sea-world, etc.).
FennéCrafts currently has both a dog and a cat running around within the work space. If you are highly allergic to either, we do not recommend purchasing a product from FennéCrafts (or anyone).

11. Construction & Materials

FennéCrafts has total control of the materials and methods used to construct their products. This includes intellectual property used in the design process, as well as copyrighted code that will later be used to bring our suits to life! FNAF = Five Nights At FennéCrafts!